Testimonials From Buddy's Oil Users

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"I am a repeat user and purchaser... Your Buddy's Oil is Wonderful. I have gotten one of my friends who suffers from cold sores to finally try some of your oil... I know that she won't be disappointed."

- Lora M.

"Thank You so much for Buddy's Oil. I appreciate it so much !!! Don't ever stop what you are doing please !!! Lots of us need you. Thanks Again Buddy."

- G.G.

"I started to get a cold sore the morning of the wedding I had to go to on saturday 29th, put your Buddy's Oil on and in one hour it was gone I'm truly amazed . Well now my sister wants some and my girlfriend wants some also."

- Dave

"Thank you for "Buddy's Oil". It's great and its already helped me alot! I'm spreading the word."

- Linda

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I suffered from frequent and painful canker sores for 15 years before finding Buddy's Oil a few years ago. Now, none of my canker sores lasts more than a few days and the pain isn't nearly as bad even when the sores are present. My son inherited my proposensity for canker sores and he's used Buddy's Oil since this began, when he was about 8 years old. For him, canker sores are nothing but a short-term nuisance, thanks to Buddy's."

- Laura D.

"I have suffered from Herpes II out-breaks on my hip for 20 years. I have tried many solutions, including what the Docter prescribes. I have found, after using Buddy's oil for over one year, that Buddy's oil helps heal the fastest of anything I've used in the past. And not only does it heal & stop my "itch", but it smells so good too."

- Name Withheld By Request

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonder oil! I have been so stressed and get cold sores like crazy just recently. This morning I started to get one. Within a couple of hours it has reduced dramatically in size! I can't beleive it because I ususally have a cold sore for weeks!"

- Brenda B.

"I have tried EVERYTHING for the sores, and NOTHING works as well as Buddy's Oil. I think the smell is even pleasant. At the first sign of a breakout, I can put a little bit on ( a little goes a long way) and hours later it is usually gone. Breakout: completely thwarted!! Thank you so much, Buddy!"

- Mary L.

"Thank You SO much for your product and for NOT being out of business!!! I can't imagine how many people would suffer without you!!! This sounds so cheesy and rehearsed but your oil is AWESOME and TOTALLY works!!! It's been a lifesaver for years for the 2 of us. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

- Gigi

"I have suffered from Herpes for years with no relief from prescription medications and creams, my own doctor told me the cream was worthless and not to bother with it..... and then along came Buddy's Oil. It not only stops the itching, it soothes and heals the sore. It's what I've used for over six years.

- Nancy M.

"I received your product 1 week in to the worst outbreak of fever blisters I've ever had! Top and bottom lips, swollen, so painful! The swelling was significantly better by the time I got the oil, but the sores were bleeding and still seemed to be "active". I applied your oil at least once an hour for a whole day and by the next day, the sores had crusted up and the scabs were even coming off with fresh skin underneath. I know that without your oil, I would have been at least 4 days from healing. I wish that I had it from the beginning, but next time I will! It is truly remarkable and I am very grateful to have found it!"

- Stacy G.

"I have been using your oil for years now, it is amazing how long one bottle lasts. The last bottle I ordered was over a year ago and I still have more than half left. I"m making this order to keep a bottle with my traveling stuff. Your product is Great. Thank You.

- Elton C.

"I am a 28 year old woman, who was diagnosed last year with vaginal Herpes. I took Acyclovir several times last year at the onset of an outbreak. Recently, I learned about Buddy's Oil from a girlfriend. Last month I used the Buddy's Oil when when I had an outbreak. The results were overnight! When I awoke the next morning I was pain and symptom free - and was able to prevent a full outbreak without drugs - naturally! I am so grateful to have found this safe, remarkable remedy!"

- Name Withheld By Request

I am really thankful for your oil. I have to admit that at first look I was a bit skeptical because the bottle is so tiny. I've had canker sores for years in my mouth, gums and back of tongue, I use 5 drops in a couple teaspoons of water as a mouth wash and the oil decreases inflamation & severe inflamations that would last for weeks are little more than a tickle that lasts a day.I must also say that I travel with it and it performs well. The bottle has never broken or leaked. I also like the flow of the drops ..... some liquid herbal stuff I've tried is slow, then all of a sudden 3x as much as you wanted comes out. There's no waste with yours. I'm really satisfied on all levels."

- Ben T.

"I bought buddy's oil almost a year ago, and with every tingle I applied the "magic" oil, and saved my lip from an annoying cold sore. This last month I went camping and was in the hot sun....a cold sore started and I FORGOT my buddy's oil. The day I returned I had a pussy cold sore. Within 48 hrs of my oil application I was with a scabbing cold sore (signs that it is healing). I was shocked & excited! There was no itching and the oil works 10x faster than Abreva!! I love buddy's oil!"

- Kaitlyn F.

"I am a repeat user of buddy's oil, and will be buying my second bottle tomorrow. My first bottle has lasted me 2 years!!!! I just this week got a cold sore and waited last minute to put on my oil, yet even though my sore on my lip was HUGE and puss filled..buddy's oil within 24 hours caused it to start scabbing!! Awesome, because that means it is healing!! The other stuff you buy in stores takes 7 days to start scabbing and healing!!! Such a difference!!!! I love you Buddy's oil!!!!

Over the years Buddy has researched and reformulated and each bottle I've gotten has had even better results. The formula he now has should be on every Herpes sufferers shelf - however I keep mine in my purse. It smells so good to it could be used as a perfume. I would hate to be without Buddy's Oil!"

- Kaitlyn F.

"I have suffered from genital herpes outbreaks for 14 years, and have tried many alternative topical remedies. I stopped using the prescription antibiotic about 8 years ago when I decided the side effects were worse than the outbreaks and not worth shortening an outbreak by only a few days (not to mention having to make a doctor's appointment to get the prescription, then pay over $100 for the drug for a single outbreak). I have done periodic research to find alternative topical treatments, and after using Buddy's Oil for the first time last Winter, I was so grateful to discover it. So, I thank you very much!!"

- Heather

"i had purchased buddy's oil a couple years ago, and cannot count my blessings enough with how much it has worked - with every use, i am indebted to you for changing my life (i should really get around to writing a testimonial!) - however, today i write because i seem to remember there being some kind of muscle ache oil offered for sale on your site, am i mistaken? at the time, i had no use for it - but due to my job, i am in a lot of pain. since , yours is the first site i came to to place a order for ache relief; i was even excited for it! please let me know if you still create this formula, as i'd love to purchase it. i have been working on my feet for 16yrs and it is catching up to me; i do not feel the way i think a 30yr woman should!"

- Lexx C.

"I have never written about a product before, but I feel absolutely compelled to write about Buddy's Oil. I use it for canker sores and it is absolutely amazing. Normally I use it in a preventive manner once or twice a week. However, when I forget and do get a canker sore, I rub it on immediately and continue for a day or two, and it clears up!! I have tried every other canker sore product on the market (my sores used to be the size of quarters and last for more than two weeks) and nothing has worked liked your oil."

- Kathy Winters

"I've had genital herpes for over twenty years. I've tried everything suggested - prescription medication, herbs, vitamin and stress management. Bud has been my massage therapist for eight years. Early in our relationship I complained to Buddy about my herpes outbreaks. When I came for my next appointment Buddy asked if I wanted to try some oils he had blended while thinking of his afflicted patients. I took Buddy's Oil home and the next time I had an outbreak I used it. I got wonderful soothing results. My monthly period usually brings on a crisis. If I use Buddy's Oil a few days before my usual outbreak time, I experience a mild case or none at all.

Over the years Buddy has researched and reformulated and each bottle I've gotten has had even better results. The formula he now has should be on every Herpes sufferers shelf - however I keep mine in my purse. It smells so good to it could be used as a perfume. I would hate to be without Buddy's Oil!"

- Bobbi J.

"Hey Buddy! LOVE YOUR OIL! My 13 year old son has suffered from those nasty cold sores since he was a baby. Since using Buddy's Oil for the past year, he has been able to control his outbreaks. THIS STUFF IS AWESOME! With all the things we've tried over the past 13 years, I've never seen anything like this oil. For anyone thinking about trying Buddy's Oil.. they need to stop 'thinking' and just GET IT! They will be amazed and without a doubt..satisfied! Just a little dab will do ya'! THANKS!"

- Donna L. (and son)

"I am an amazed and very happy discoverer of Buddy's Oil for Herpes. I have herpes II for 20 years now and know my symptoms before the stage of full blown herpes. I apply Buddy's Oil at first signs of outbreak (i.e. pain in sciatic nerve and itching), and within 3-4 days it has disappeared and was minimized to a mere awareness of it's coming on, without any outbreak. Good work, Buddy!"

- P.A.C.

"I have had occasional outbreaks of Herpes simplex. With the only outbreak I've had I used Buddy's Oil when I experienced the first neuralgic sensations and never got the outbreak at all. Even more surprising, my husband has had a terrible outbreak of shingles a few months ago. Recently he had the irritation in that area and feared the shingles would return. We used the oil in that area twice a day for two days and the irritation was noticably reduced in a matter of hours. It is also soothing for hemorroids."

- Marie

"I am writing to let you know about my first experience with Buddy's Oil. I have been taking care of a stroke patient for two years now. For over one year now, he has been troubled by rashes which have been both persistent and also painful at times. I have taken him to several doctors here in the community, both allopathic and holistic. I have followed all of their regimens, and he has taken cortisone injections, pills, used topical creams, lotions and pills for the pain and the itching. I have tried various soothing soaps during this time. For two days I applied a small amount of Buddy's Oil to the painful areas. Within 36 hours the rash cleared up and the pain went away. A few days later he started noticing an ithching area, with no rash showing, and I applied the oil, and in a couple of hours he had no more complaints."

- Ginny R.

"I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the help that your specially mixed oils have given me for a long standing problem I have with herpes simplex on my mouth after I've been exposed to sun. I've found that if I start using "Buddy Oil" as soon as my lips feel tender, the sores never appear and the and the tenderness disappears within a few day. I'm sending some of "Buddy's Oil' to my daughter who has the same problem and feel sure she'll have the same relief as I. I'd recommend the oil to anyone."

- Marion R. Putzel

"I have been using your special oil for the past three (3) years and I have noticed that it promotes healing in wounds and particularly in canker sores. What I have noticed is that if I don't use the oil they last about one and one-half weeks, however, with the oil the pain is over in approximately three (3) days.
I sent some to my brother in California and he noticed the same effects that I did when he used your oil.
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to you for recomending that I give your special oil a try."

- Paul J. Pargett

"I am ordering my second bottle of oil. I actually just ordered 2 more bottles because I have used a lot since I ordered my 1st bottle. I would like to report that Buddy's oil has relieved my GH so much. When I received the oil I had a really bad outbreak and it cleared up immediately with the oil. Then I got another blister right away, I used the oil again for 2 days and it went away. I have the worst case I have ever heard of, I am never without an outbreak, when one is finished the next one is always starting right away. I am so excited because this is the most relief I have ever had in 5 years. Even if it isn't gone entirely the outbreaks now are bearable and disappear so fast! I was so skeptical at first, I even emailed you about my skepticism. The only thing I would request is somehow package it better because 1/4 of my bottle was gone because it leaked all over the inside of the package. Btw it smells wonderful!! Feel free to use this as a testimonial."

- JR