The Story Of Buddy's Oil

Buddy's Oil was created out of nothing more than a sincere desire to help my friends and clients deal with the pain and embarrassment of the Herpes Virus. Developing my Oil over the past two decades has been an exciting challenge. It has allowed me to apply my training in aromatherapy, along with extensive study of the therapeutic and medicinal effects of essential and vegetal sourced oils, to create a product I hope will change many lives.

I studied Aromatherapy in the late 80's while attending school for massage therapy. After receiving state licensing I started my own private practice "Kona Body Therapy," where I use essential oils to treat muscular and circulation problems. Client feeback over the decades has allowed me to "experiment" on them and, over time, create some extremely potent and effective oil blends. About two years into my full time practice I went to San Francisco and focused my concentration on learning the therapeutic and medicinal effects of essential oils, their chemistry and other methods of use. This study really broadened my knowledge and expanded my resource and reference base.

After returning to my practice in Hawaii, one of my clients asked if I had any oils to treat Genital Herpes. At the time I was unfamiliar with Herpes. She explained that the symptoms were similar to fever blisters (which my Mom and sisters always suffered from) and cold sores, which are all caused by the Herpes Virus. That same week, another client asked me about treatment for Herpes. I knew this was something I could help with, so I looked into it.

I researched the symptoms of Herpes to determine what Essential Oils might relieve their symptoms. Primarily I looked for anti-viral oils. I blended 4 oils that I placed into a bottles labeled "Herpes Oil" and gave them to my clients for no charge, as long as they give me their feedback. They both reported back that I may be on to something, but that it didn't do anything for the pain. I didn't know at that time that the outbreaks were painful, so I broadened the formula to address pain which Buddy's Oil now relieves very affectively.

As time went on, I continued researching Herpes in order to learn everything about the virus and create an increasingly effective treatment. I learned that the Herpes virus does not like oxygen, so I added in a derivative of a vegetal sourced oil that was an effective oxidizer. I then added vegetal sourced oils that have strong anti-viral ability (and are wonderfully therapeutic for the skin) to treat the outbreak. I also added a cellular stimulant to increase the body's immune response to the treated area and promote faster healing.

Each ingredient included in Buddy's Oil has a reason and a purpose.

During this period of time, clients would use my oil for all types of Herpes - including Genital Herpes, Cold and Canker Sores and Fever Blisters. Many satisfied customers sent bottles to their families on the mainland which, at this time, still had "Herpes Oil" handwritten on the label.

Then there was a lull when a year went by and no one asked for the oil. Then one day my office phone started ringing with calls from the mainland wanting "Buddys Oil". They would say that a relative had sent them a bottle of my Herpes Oil a year or so ago and that they wanted to purchase another bottle. They simply called it "Buddy's Oil."

Then I started to hear these sorts of statements from users:

"Do you know what you have here?" "Do you know how much this helps?" "Do you know how much prescription drugs cost?"

Many satisfied customers suggested that I get this out to the world. So in 1997 I got my first computer, hired a wonderful person to build my website and have sent "Buddy's Oil" all over the world. If you are suffering from Herpes symptoms, I hope that you will consider trying my Oil. Users constantly report back that the effects are remarkable. The testimonials speak for themselves, and I hope yours will be the next success story!

- Buddy